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Hello and Thank you for coming by. I've created ASCC to build a community for women to share in things of Spirit. To create, to heal, and to master the game of life.

Everything that ever existed first began as a thought. Our practice is to hold the thought for each other of what we wish to create. This makes a way in the physical to manifest.

Nikola Tesla knew that if you held a pure thought for 17 seconds, it would begin to form in the physical world. When two or more come together, it snowballs the energy.

Under grace, in the perfect way.

What this group is not. We are not here to bitch, harp, or hold hands on a repeat cycle of negativity. This is not the space for that. I am not my story and neither are you.

We do go through challenges in life. I believe challenges bring us clarity. Each challenge contains the seed to master it. We can stop, tune in, ask for Divine help to master our challenge, and Be guided.

I love to share. I hope you do too. Our stories, successes, trials, and testimonies strengthen our Spirit and remind us that we are not alone. God is for us.

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of, join my hand, and let's create a beautiful community. 

So much love-


My Approach

When I recently learned of SRT and Felecia’s work I knew I had to try it. I had my first session over zoom last week and the experience was profound. Felecia’s energy radiates kindness and compassion as she clears the karmic and subconscious blocks that are weighing you down. Since my session I have been feeling lighter, more energetic and positive and I’ve noticed that I’m procrastinating less. Don’t hesitate to book an appointment- JF

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